Future Development

As our commitment is to continuous improving, Pratama Steel is developing a comprehensive steel processing center at its new area in Gresik Regency. We will have cutting (shearing) lines, sitting lines, as well as polishing lines.

Cutting Line (Shearing)

Provide the service of cutting Hot Rolled Coil (HRC) / Cold Rolled Coil (CRC) into sheets as per standard or customer’s required length

Sliting Line

Provide the service of cutting coils into narrower width coils (strips) as per customer’s requirement.

Polishing Line

Provide the service of polishing base 2B surface finish plates into other surface finishes, such as No.4, Hairline, BA finish.

Product Handling Process

Surface Protecting
Films & Packaging

Type Thickness (┬Ám) Color Adhesive Level
Poly Vinyl
Chloride (PVC)
80 White Medium
Poly Ethylene
50,70 Blue (translucent) Low

Coil Packing

Sheet Packing

Circle Packing

Strips Packing