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PT. Pratama Steel

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Headquartered in Surabaya. Built with vision to supply good quality stainless steel with cost effective. To achieve the vision, Pratama Steel along with its affiliated, build a partnership with many reputable suppliers among the world as well as local mill.

Pratama Steel have a massive variety stock of stainless steel, specialized in secondary material for plate product. What we mean by secondary material, is not about the quality but only refer to the size which are unstandard, which we take from prime excess production. That's why we call it Cost Solution. Because we have a flexible range of size, which you can choose the material with the perfect size for your need. From the strip size until wide range of size. From sheet until plate in coil. For the prime material, we also have regular stock for prepainted sheet and round bar from number one mill in its field.

Pratama Steel have two main distribution warehouse in Surabaya and Jakarta. The wide network and huge facilities enables our dedicated staff to deliver the best quality service to the customer throughout Indonesia.

Pratama Steel as a part of Sutindo Group is the pioneer of Good Corporate Governance Practices in its market, makes us the most reliable material supplier in the country and the best partner to collaborate with.

Establishment :
Apr 14, 2003
Head Office : Tanjungsari 44i, Kompleks Pergudangan Permata Tanjungsari, Surabaya, 60188 - INDONESIA
: 43 (mid 2012)
Member of :
Sutindo Group Company
IT / IP Baja

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